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Ups Worldship Archive Error


Click the Start button on the Windows taskbar and then select All Programs, UPS, and UPS WorldShip Support Utility. Click the OK button to accept the changes made on any System Preferences tab and close the System Preferences Editor window. air packages) (.xls) - April 2016 04/01/2016 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S. Under UPS Smart Pickup: Note: These options appear only if at least one shipper has a contract for UPS Smart Pickup. check over here

Select OK, then Exit. air packages) (.xls) - July 2016 07/01/2016 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S. The Save As window displays a default file name containing the date, for example 20100711.mdb, which is in the format YYYYMMDD. Note: Location will default to install drive:\UPS\WSTD\Support\DBSupport You have the option to include the NRFRvlDB in the backup by selecting the checkbox.

Ups Worldship History

air packages) UPS Chemical Table - 49 CFR version (Ground and Air Packages) Select the "Download" links below to download archived files that pertain to shipping hazardous materials with UPS, including If you are shipping less than 25 packages per week, a different shipping solution, such as UPS Internet Shipping or UPS CampusShip, may be better suited to meet your shipping needs.Watch Other UPS Sites: Select a website UPS Capital UPS Compass UPS CONNECT Customer Solutions UPS Express Critical UPS Investor Relations UPS i-parcel UPS Jobs Longitudes UPS Mail Innovations UPS Supply Chain Keep the default file name or type a new file name, and then click the Save button.

Do one of the following: Select All Shipments to archive all shipment data. Select Data Maintenance. and Canada Shipper's Responsibilities 49 CFR Shipping Examples Common Items that May Be Hazardous New UPS Carrier Variations New Requirements UPS Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Seminar Hazardous Materials Download Area New and Ups Worldship Support Utility air packages) (.xls) - October 2015 10/01/2015 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S.

To view archived shipment data: Exit WorldShip. Skip to Content United States My UPS Shipping Tracking Freight Locations Support UPS Solutions Login SettingsProfileAccount SummaryBillingAdministrationAddress BookMobile SolutionsMaintain Your UPS Account Create a ShipmentView HistoryVoid ShipmentCreate a ReturnShip Using a On the Tools menu, point to Archive Viewers and click the appropriate WorldShip version. In the UPS WorldShip Setup window, select the Finish Moving WorldShip Data check box.

Select Create New, choose the database you want to create, then selectOK. Ups Worldship Archive History See Find Help in UPS WorldShip. View Archived Shipment Data The Archive Viewer utility allows you to view shipping history previously archived from the UPS WorldShip database. To select a different location, click the Browse button, navigate to and select the folder, click the OK button, and click the Backup button.

  • How to create a new database: Shut down WorldShip.
  • air packages) (.xls) - April 2015 04/01/2015 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S.
  • air packages) (PDF) - April 2016 04/01/2016 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S.
  • Type the specific criteria in the box in the upper left (if needed).
  • Navigate to the Start button.
  • Select OK on the restore files dialog and on the success dialog at the end of the restore process.

Ups Worldship Export Shipping History

You should periodically save copies of your shipment data to disk or to your local drive. Click the OK button. Ups Worldship History To restore archived shipment information to your computer: On the File menu in the Shipment History window, click Restore Shipments. Ups Worldship Database Location The Archive Viewer window appears.

Archiving this data allows you to delete old information from your computer, yet preserve a copy for your records in case you need to view the information at a later date. http://crimsonskysoftware.com/ups-worldship/ups-worldship-error-518.html In the Open window, you can search for the appropriate .arc and .mdb files on your computer or network. air packages) (PDF) - April 2016 04/12/2016 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S. air packages) (PDF) - January 2014 01/01/2014 Download Back to Top Download, View, and Print Adobe Reader If you have not already installed and configured the Adobe Readeror plug-in, select the Ups Archives

All packages matching your search criteria appear under Packages. Once downloaded, you can install the upgrade now or later. When you see 100% in the Archive Shipments window, click the Done button. this content All packages matching your search criteria appear under Packages.

Under Archive Data: Click the down arrow in the Frequency Reminder in Days box and select an interval. Ups Worldship Tech Support Tip: You cannot delete the most recent two weeks' worth of data from your computer. Select the location of the WorldShip archive and click the Continue button.

Select the Restore button, then select Yes to make a backup copy of your files.

Click the Backup button. See Use the Custom Toolbar to Download or Install UPS WorldShip Upgrades. Your choices are 0 (No reminder/automatic archive), 15 (days), 30 (1 month; initial default), 60 (2 months), 90 (3 months), and 180 (6 months). Ups Shipping History Under Database Operations, select Advanced.

Under Database Operations, select Backup. Subscribe to UPS E-mail: Sign Up View Examples Contact UPS Browse Online Support E-mail UPS Live Chat Call Customer Service Support Get Started Register Open a Shipping Account Change Your Delivery For example, A:\20100711 (which is in the format YYYYMMDD) points to the file saved on 07/11/2010 on the disk in drive A of your computer. http://crimsonskysoftware.com/ups-worldship/ups-worldship-error.html The box next to this option defaults to the latest acceptable archive date.

If you are not sure of the path and file name, click the Browse button. Launch WorldShip. Note that .arc (for archive) is the file name extension for older archived files, and .mdb (Microsoft Access database) is the file name extension for more recent archived files. Navigate to the Start button.

Click the Get Packages button. air packages) (PDF) - January 2015 01/01/2015 Download ICAO/IATA version (U.S.