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Other problems I am facing: 3. You need to check PHP error log file for the exact error, or enable display_errors PHP setting - then instead of blank page you will see the error message. In the past, I had to deal with a Plesk admin and I updated the Plesk php.ini and the client was able to upload larger files. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mb_internal_encoding() in /home/content/r/e/d/redheadventure/html/dating/install/index.php on line 522Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesredheadventures•26th of March 2008 ok, I'm past all of that. http://crimsonskysoftware.com/upload-error/upload-error-302-boonex.html

I remove the permissions for this file Next files have inappropriate permissions: ray/modules/global/inc/header.inc.php; then get the following error. I don't need to upload more than 50 mb files. You will get an "Undefined" error if you have set the the "Maximum uploading files number per... In this document we gather the most common known issues and their possible solutions.

lol   Quote · 4 Aug 2012Reply ›   FeaturesExtensionsPricingBlogForumHelpMenuHelpForumCommunity support and discussions.DocumentationInstallation, updates, manuals and APIs.GitHubCode, issues, development roadmap.JobsCustom job offers.Contact BoonExSend us your sales or general questions.SearchAccount Menu Blogs Every requirements met on the server side. i've change and change the permission but doplhin is not yet installedPermalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesjames878•9th of April 2008 hey guys i am experiencing the same problem......can anyone please help me install dolphin..............?Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusescicie•6th of Quote · 23 Feb 2012mscottAdvanced2091 posts0 DId you also increase post_max_size and max_execution_time?BoonEx Certified Host: Zarconia.net - Fully Supported Shared and Dedicated for DolphinQuote · 24 Feb 2012jabadooAdvanced177 posts0  I did increase

I had to specify a directory in php.ini as it is commented out by default. usually defaults to something like /var/log/apache2/ –Jonathan Kuhn Mar 13 '13 at 17:41 It's obvious that you have an error in your PHP script. They say I can not change the quota because I'm on a share hosting plan. Thanks for the feedback!Quote · 26 Feb 2012jtadeoMasterBosun267 posts0  ...aye, I see you had fixed it.

I will show you how to change some PHP settings to prevent this kind of error and some other errors, too. 1) If PHP is running as an Apache module. I'm on a shared hosting plan and currently my  upload_tmp_dir  is not set and so it defaults to the /tmp directory. When I look at the source I see a lot of tags. My host won't tell me what the quota size is but they say it is full at 65%.

This is web-server error. If the tags are being sent to the browser, it means your PHP is not working properly. For shared hosting user, you can try third party cron job service like https://www.easycron.com, it allows setting up cron jobs that run every minute.   BoonEx Certified Host: Zarconia.net - Fully Can't believe there are so many permissions to allow!

My security image doesn't show up on join form. Uploading large 100 megabyte files now. :) I wasn't generating a log file for php errors until recently. As a start make sure the .htaccess file is correct. (see above) delete the whole line, save and upload. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.I get this error after having uploaded via Filezilla all of the unzipped files into my root directory.

This can be checked in Admin Panel > Tools > Host Tools > Audit | Permissions. 3) Check if H264 codec is enabled in "Admin Panel > Modules > Flash Apps http://crimsonskysoftware.com/upload-error/upload-error-php.html please help me anybody thank you y'all for your time :)Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesNandoBR•6th of September 2009 Hi guys, First of all I'm sorry about my English. Support My Support Tickets Knowledgebase Open Ticket Copyright © 2016 GigaPros. ShivQuote · 21 Jun 2015moonsoon2uPremium676 posts0 Depending on your connection you might also need to increase the max_execution_time.

  • I have installed/created a new template for Dolphin and the Forum stopped to work.
  • later, DosDawgPermalink•Reply•Plus•0 pluseshanzahar•6th of April 2008 wow aNyone has successfully install doplhin lately?
  • My image/sound/video uploads don't work.
  • Reading the forum I noticed many other users getting the same error.
  • register_globals is OFF fixed the 2nd line in the .htaccess file but nothing is working.
  • I've got "Internal error 500".
  • What could be the reason?
  • Check if PHP is compiled with XSLT support, it can be checked in Admin Panel > Tools > Host Tools > Audit and PHP info tabs.
  • When you create or install a new template, you should consider that the same template should be created for the forum too.

pls help, im on php5 :)Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 pluseslazerup•28th of June 2008•to kosmic who's your host?Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesDjDeth•25th of August 2008 I dont see that in my htaccessPermalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesdoompuppet•10th of November 2008 I've got the same problem. What do you call someone without a nationality? http://towtalk.net ... check over here The version of Boonex Dolphin (Free or AdFree) actually refers to the version of Ray Widgets....

To check permissions, go to Admin Panel > Tools > Host Tools > Permissions. 2) This problem may also be caused by script's inability to open widgets' default skins. Well then, all good. :D Check out my site at www.boonexnerd.net for free Dolphin tutorials and mods.Quote · 26 Feb 2012mattoAdvanced114 posts0  Wouldnt it make more sense to provide an error Why are only passwords hashed?

Example: #Php_flag.

The fix is this, open up the .htaccess file in your install root then delete the second line  " php_flag register_globals Off " then save and close. Somebody had a similary issue ?Alex.Quote · 2 Mar 2012Aleks2aAdvanced47 posts0  I found the solution. Edit /etc/apache2/mods-available/fcgid.conf and replace MaxRequestLen 15728640 with MaxRequestLen your_max_upload_value Alex.Quote · 2 Mar 2012Reply ›   FeaturesExtensionsPricingBlogForumHelpMenuHelpForumCommunity support and discussions.DocumentationInstallation, updates, manuals and APIs.GitHubCode, issues, development roadmap.JobsCustom job offers.Contact BoonExSend us Why don't miners get boiled to death at 4 km deep?

In some (rare) cases, you may encounter a problem. Attached are the screenshots of the php info tab of dolphin admin tools and also php configuration settings page from cpanel. I've looked at my httpd.conf, php.ini, .htaccess etc.. this content php.ini - you may or may not, need to use a default php.ini file.

If you used an auto installer, the version may not be current, that was fixed in version 7.1.6. But unfortunately, knowing my host, I don't think they will increase any of these limits and will straightaway recommend VPS hosting or dedicated server, which I can afford at this juncture.  I'm Brazilian. I already did all the changes into PHP.ini and .HTACCESS but I'm still getting an error into Dolphin installation (500 Server Internal Error).

It was the /tmp directory. No regrets, only choices.Quote · 21 Jun 2015newton27Premium7374 posts0    Attached is the admin tools audit page screenshot.  What would really help is the screenshot of the PHP info tab. Dont just upload the zip and decompress. To see what exactly is breaking the forum, you need to load the following URL in your browser: forum/?debug=1 Usually, the problem is caused by these two lines inserted in some

LOGS are GOOD. you can used again Maybe with remove the 1st line "Options -MultiViews"Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesAndreaMazzeo•9th of September 2011•to ErvanErfian 1st line was the issue in my case, God bless you.Permalink•Reply•Plus•0 plusesgobig•30th of January 2009 i