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Unrecoverable Error 667 Eval Stack Fault

Isto quer dizer que o erro ocorre no momento em que tentamos salvar um registro além ultimo registro do .DBF. Tente com stacksize 30500 heapsize 2048 id=code>id=code>Ou Vá aumentando até dar certo... tb. These are on the standard FTP sites, or in Library 1. http://crimsonskysoftware.com/unrecoverable-error/unrecoverable-error-669-eval-stack-fault.html

This error also occurs with an improperly linked or corrupted application. These are simply reported with ‘Internal Error'. Internal errors 17, 18 and 19 These errors exist in both Clipper Summer '87 and 5.x releases. With Visual Objects you will be able to make variable declarations such as LOCAL i AS INT, which will have the effect of forcing only integer values into a variable.

The user has not enough rights on a network drive to create the swap file. Moderador: Moderadores Postar uma resposta 1 Mensagem • Página 1 de 1 Unrecoverable error 667: Eval stack fault - A sua verdade... From Ian Day, 3 February 1995: OK, you first have to imagine the layout of Clippers data segment (DGROUP): @@@@@@@@@@@@ |||||||||||| |||||||||||| |||||||||||| @ is where STATICs and ITEMs go ||||||||||||

  1. Taking .275 out to just 16 bits yields: 0100011000100111 but that is really only .274993896484375.
  2. Unrecoverable error 667, 668 and 669: eval stack fault These errors are all related.
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Sat, 16 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT Robin War#2 / 2 Unrecoverable Error 667: Eval Stack Fault Quote: > I just started receiving the above error for no reason that I If the program uses too much static data, one of the other areas may run short of space. There are three places where one could increase the file handle count: -   The F parameter in the Clipper environment variable. -   The CONFIG.SYS file. -   The network config file (provided Generally, problems that cause one of these errors could cause any of them, which is why we have listed them together.

SIM João Santos - São Paulo. However, some third-party libraries cause additional stack space to be allocated. Unrecoverable error 415: cannot open overlay file This error occurs when Clipper can not open its overlay file. That value is used in a timing loop.

continuou o problema... Several errors occur due to a lack of file handles. Unrecoverable error 5312: VM swap file over allocated Error 5312 occurs when Clipper's VM swap file becomes full and has no more space to receive swapped items. Every item created must be released, and failing to do so may cause one of the Eval stack faults as the static's area increases. -   Too large a load size.

Some possible causes: -   The file is no longer available. Mas recentemente após alguns testes em um módulo de meu sistema pude detectar seu real acontecimento. [email protected] [email protected] Fone: (11) 3106-2832 / 8243-5632 - TIM FWH 2.7 - xHARBOUR WorkShop.Exe id=quote>id=quote>Itaocara - RJ Clipper 5.3b - Fw 2.6 - DBFCDX xHb 1.1.0 - FwxH 8.02 - DBFCDX Calling on an incorrect handle can cause this.

The same thing happens with STATICs & ITEMs. check over here Unrecoverable error 667: Eval stack fault IgorMatroskin: , . . DOS- (3 ) (P-4 Dual, Unrecoverable error 667: Eval stack fault HELP!!! Generally, reducing load size can help alleviate the problem.

Internal Error 667 - Eval Stack Overflow 5. It is similar to error 24 but it occurs specifically in the VM system. INCLUIU O __WAIT_B ??? his comment is here I am using Blinker 3.3, SIX 3, and Clipper 5.2e.

O que eu mais desejo hoje é mudar esse programa para 32bits, mas infelizmente não depende de mim. nuzhat akhter tagged this post with: Array, Clipper, Errors, Eval stack, Index error, Internal, Memory, Overflow, Sort, String Read 21 articles by nuzhat akhter It's very calm over here, why not The vast majority of the time, this error has nothing to do with the VM system itself, but rather indicates a bug in another system that is either using the VM

Next is the Eval stack, which grows upward.

[email protected] [email protected] Fone: (11) 3106-2832 / 8243-5632 - TIM FWH 2.7 - xHARBOUR WorkShop.Exe Share this post Link to post Share on other sites kapiaba 477 Timão Membros 477 21,044 Clipper 5.3 linked with Exospace fails when creating indexes for large numbers of records and complex keys. As your program runs it will allocate local variables which will use up the '%' region. So, you'd probably need to greatly reduce the number of static variables that you're using, which would most likely cure this.

exemplo de como este erro pode aparecer: ... Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Recent Comments Tags Talent Hunt & 2nd Inter Batch Debate Competition 2010 BCSICTWORLD 2010 to start from October 30 Sony Vaio VPCZ126GGB Unrecoverable error 5300: not enough memory This error happens when there is not enough conventional memory and the VM system can not initialize. weblink [email protected] [email protected] Fone: (11) 3106-2832 / 8243-5632 - TIM FWH 2.7 - xHARBOUR WorkShop.Exe id=quote>id=quote>Itaocara - RJ Clipper 5.3b - Fw 2.6 - DBFCDX xHb 1.1.0 - FwxH 8.02 - DBFCDX

Eckhard Sallermann 2011-04-06 12:09:16 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Hi Frank,thanks, already done, doesn´t help :-((Post by frank van nuffelHi Eckhard,Could this help out? The most likely cause is lack of disk space. This usually happens because such errors can not branch to the error block so that the ErrorSysQ is unable to execute the error block. Then temporarily remove some functions, so it gets smaller and see if the problem goes away- When executing macro's (&) change the code so there is no more bug(s) inside itMy

In the IEEE standard, rounding is considered to be finding the closest representable number to the "exact" number. On very fast machines, the timing routine returns 0, causing an error in the program's initialization, since your software then fails with a divide by 0 error. For example, a user can run a Clipper application from a floppy drive and then switch floppies. -   something has inadvertently closed the overlay file. You can take a few steps to cope with IE 5333: You can force the virtual memory manager to do a partial cleanup and compaction by executing @ 100, 100 SAY