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Unrecoverable Error 5302 Windows Xp

The "Privileged instruction" error gives information I may be able to work with. Joe ... Anyone else with multi-CPU systems could also try SB1 if they want, there seem to be a number of different errors which crop up for some but not others. from reading all the [email protected] messages .......... http://crimsonskysoftware.com/unrecoverable-error/unrecoverable-error-5302.html

Josef W. There isn't an XP in sight. This error can be produced if this limit is exceeded. This is a known cause for this error.2) If the user is using any third-party libraries, see if the error still occurs without the library.3) If the user is using a

Sure, go for it. but thanks for posting them. Try disabling the EMS with the //E:0 in SET CLIPPER. Index corruption may have occurred.Investigations are ongoing.Action: Delete the index file(s) and re-create.

Make sure the database header is updated before index recreation.4001 Number of METHODs exceededAn error occurred when accessing more than 32 methods for an instantiation of a class object at runtime.Action: Why is there a 640 KB "barrier"? If it occurred immediately following the RUN command, the application that was run should be eliminated to see if this solves the problem.This problem may also occur with an improperly linked Look for missing or incorrectly ordered .LIBraries, or loading a mismatched RDD.If using the DBFCDX driver that came with Clipper before 5.3 (i.e., the Successware/Luxent driver), get the latest version.

Also note if it indicates any free expanded (EMS) memory.Compare that with mem output in a cmd prompt on the Win XP machine. RE: Unrecoverable Error 5302 Conventional Memory Exhusted JockMullin (MIS) 21 Sep 07 09:54 Hi, FbizzellThose two machines appear to have equivalent free memory. John Q Tue, 12 Apr 2005 23:47:15 GMT Klas Engwa#4 / 7 conventional memeory exhausted in windows - xp John, Quote:>i was thinking that XP was as NT a PROTECTED Check the source code for the correct calling conventions.In a custom ERRORSYS procedure, not setting ERRORBLOCK() or committing an error prior to setting ERRORBLOCK() will force this error.650 Out of stack

It appeared suddenly, probably due to a configuration change. Every array element requires memory to store (even if its value is NIL). armik: Andrey пишет: Лет 10 программы работали на Клипере 5.3 в Protected Mode (линковка Blinker'om) и никогда не жаловался на "глюки при превышении размера базы некоторого, вычисляемого по прилагаемой ними формуле, It seems to appear mostly with CA-Clipper 5.3 programs linked with ExoSpace and running under Windows 95, although it has also been reported under Windows 3.1, and with CA-Clipper 5.2e and

  1. Perhaps a third-party library (maybe written in C) contains functions that conflict with the ones in the memory manager.998 Missing functionCA-Clipper has attempted to execute a function or UDF that is
  2. LOL :-)))) or should I stay with 5.4.11 ?
  3. Check link script and order.
  4. Till now the pkg is running fine in > 100 odd location.
  5. v osnovnom vse peremennije kak LOCAL.

Link its operation to a unique key combination > and then collect some information about the areas of operation where > you are losing memory. > The better solution would be help me out Thanx & regards -- Posted via http://www.*-*-*.com/ Mon, 11 Apr 2005 21:25:38 GMT Ross McKenz#2 / 7 conventional memeory exhausted in windows - xp Quote:>Hi Clipper gurus, The error is due to timing loops running too quickly.Action: Get the patch at "The Oasis" (http://www.the-oasis.net/). This error usually indicates an extremely low memory condition at startup, or that an application that was RUN from within CA-Clipper allocated DOS memory without freeing it.Action: If the error occurred

Segur has built a excellent [email protected] Enhanced Application called _5.17SB1_build by Josef W. check over here Save the file with the name log_flags.xml 5. Blinker has a similar link option available.Internal error 8002 may also be caused by an error in custom C or ASM code which allocates memory and then does not release it Register now while it's still free!

If using structural indexes (.CDX, .MDX), delete the index file and recreate. Probably if they had called the project "BOINC Test" rather than "BOINC Alpha" they'd be calling 5.8.0 a Beta or Release Candidate. If a third-party linker is used, see if the error occurs when using RTlink for CA-Clipper or CA-Clipper/Exospace or Blinker.If a corrupted executable is suspected, recompile all .OBJ files and relink.1010 his comment is here Klas ------- klas dot engwall at engwall dot com Wed, 13 Apr 2005 07:29:31 GMT Andrzej P.

Maximizing conventional memory has become one of the "fine arts" of setting up a new PC that uses DOS programs. Thus, suggestions 3, 4, and 5 attempt to alter the length of the file.Note: LEN(CHR(0)) is one byte, LEN("") is 0 bytes. Perhaps someone else will add any details I missed.

The better solution would be to link in protected/extended mode, but maybe that is not an option for you.

Check link script and order. Save the file with the name log_flags.xml 5. This error can be received as a result of the failure of _xgrab() in Extend System functions.Action: See action for 5302.5305 VM Swap Space ExhaustedThere is insufficient room in the VM Byron ID: 11340 · Josef W.

Joe Hi Joe that's excellent idea ! SegurVolunteer testerSendmessage Joined: 14 Oct 05Posts: 1137Credit: 1,848,733RAC: 0 Message 11064 - Posted: 16 Dec 2006, 18:32:16 UTC In message 11054, BYRON LEIGH HATCH wrote: ... The official recommendation is 80, but a setting over 110 may eliminate the errors. weblink Windows slowly did away with 16bit programming, and the use of extended memory management (DOS drivers) in Windows XP.

Recreate it with an alternative OUTPUT link command.520 Attempt to get value for an invalid field type.This error may indicate a corrupted or non CA-Clipper compatible database file.Action: Repair the database If it is when trying to allocate memvar space, then that points you to too many variables, too much data in memory or a memory leak. The maximum is 16.Note: The usual reason this occurs is a LOOP statement within a BEGIN SEQUENCE/END structure like the following:DO WHILE...BEGIN SEQUENCE...LOOPEND...ENDDO11 BEGIN SEQUENCE/END Integrity ErrorAn underflow of BEGIN SEQUENCE entries in config.nt is dos=high,umb device=himem.sys files=250 & in autoexec.nt set clipper=f200 pkg is being used for invoicing purpose.

Note that temporary files are created in the current directory if no TEMPPATH is specified.Action: Correct the environment. The //F:99 value is just an example - you may have something different.2) The program may need more stack space. If using third-party RDDs, try increasing the stack space. The CA-Clipper runtime issues calls to the _vmTwo() function when it must obtain two de-referenced virtual memory handles concurrently.

Please upload a file larger than 100 x 100 pixels We are experiencing some problems, please try again. Alternatively, increase available conventional memory or reduce the amount of virtual memory, because more VM means more conventional memory is needed to manage the VM pointers.415 Cannot open overlay fileThis error The reason is that without special software support, DOS cannot run programs that are not in this special area. Refer to Actions and Notes under Error 999 and Error 1011.

Check for third party Class .LIBraries and creation of new methods for additional classes. That's as close as I can come. If not, the experiment with that logging is a failure and you might as well delete those xml files then exit and restart BOINC so it won't waste time producing useless Close Reply To This Thread Posting in the Tek-Tips forums is a member-only feature.