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How do I handle an unterminated wire behind my wall? Reason: Fix typos... Use regular expressions if and only if you need them. Given that ice is less dense than water, why doesn't it sit completely atop water (rather than slightly submerged)? http://crimsonskysoftware.com/unexpected-internal/unexpected-internal-error-near-index-1.html

Is there anything similar in java? Posted By Northpower (0 replies) 10-29-2016, 08:02 AM in Java Applets Javascript Engineer needed in San... It must betempPath.replaceAll("\\\\",replacement);One level of backslashes is necessary to disable the special meaning of "\" in string constants, and one level of quotes is necessary for disabling the special meaning of You need to double-escape it for regex: string.replaceAll("\\\\", "\\\\\\\\"); But you don't necessarily need regex for this, simply because you want an exact character-by-character replacement and you don't need patterns here. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14183248/replacing-single-with-in-java

Unexpected Internal Error Near Index 1 Split

Maybe; public static void main (String[] args) { String test = "abc\\\"def"; System.out.println("Test string is :" + test + ":"); test = test.replaceAll("\\\\", ""); System.out.println("Test string now :" + test + db Reply With Quote 03-01-2009,09:42 PM #5 DarrylBurke Forum Police Join Date Sep 2008 Location Madgaon, Goa, India Posts 12,005 Rep Power 23 > The replaceAll method of string takes regular VBulletin, Copyright 2000 - 2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

  1. File f = ...
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Enable Wireless on Fresh Debian Build What object can prove the equations? String.replace(String,String) will do what you want. So to create target regex which will represent \ symbol we need to escape it twice: in regex \\ String literal "\\\\" (each \ needs its own extra \ before). Difference Between Replace And Replaceall more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

db Reply With Quote 12-01-2010,07:30 PM #9 radhabakshi Member Join Date Dec 2010 Posts 1 Rep Power 0 This code will replace one backslash with 2. Java.util.regex.patternsyntaxexception: Unexpected Internal Error Near Index 1 Thank you~~~~ 왜 잉글리쉬로 ;; ㅋㅋ어떻게든 해결했네요. 근데 이상한건 왜 이제는 되는건지;; 똑같은데;;아~~~ 이상함 정말..public static String getSTRFileFilter(String str){ String str_imsi = ""; String filter_word = "\\\\"; //System.out.println("str=============>" +str); //for(int i=1;ihttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/1701839/string-replaceall-single-backslashes-with-double-backslashes Dealing with a nasty recruiter What does this ice key do?

Why is C# Dim a Chord in B Minor? Java Escape Backslash Bug1317001 - replaceAll causes Unexpected internal error Summary: replaceAll causes Unexpected internal error Status: CLOSED NOTABUG Aliases: None Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Classification: Red Hat Component: java-1.8.0-openjdk (Show other In that case you could do something like this: String splitter = File.separator.replace("\\","\\\\"); String[] split = abc.split(splitter); share|improve this answer edited Sep 10 at 10:09 answered Dec 7 '15 at 8:18 My 21-year-old adult son hates me How to draw a clock-diagram?

Java.util.regex.patternsyntaxexception: Unexpected Internal Error Near Index 1

Solutions? https://coderanch.com/t/459342/java/replacing-string-character see more linked questions… Related 13Escape double and single backslashes in a string in Ruby1PHP Regex No Backslash18String replace a Backslash18Java replace issues with ' (apostrophe/single quote) and \ (backslash) together12How Unexpected Internal Error Near Index 1 Split Last edited by Steve11235; 03-01-2009 at 06:54 PM. Replace Backslash In Java So the above strings should be converted to : "abc\\def" "abc\\def\\ghi" So if there is a double backslash, it should not be hampered.

Exception in thread "main" java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Illegal/unsupported escape sequence near index 75 compling with 1.5 I'm reading a file, looking for a regex, then creating a new string that modifies the text Check This Out This approach reduces all backslashes to a single forward slash. up vote 3 down vote favorite I tried with following regex, but it didn't work. The regular expression for back slash is [\\]. Java Split Backslash

But it throws an exception: Exception in thread "main" java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected internal error near index 1 \ ^ at java.util.regex.Pattern.error(Pattern.java:1686) at java.util.regex.Pattern.compile(Pattern.java:1439) Can anyone , please help. You want it to see \\ so you need to escape the first \ to \\ and you need to escape the second \ to \\. Die Liebe höret nimmer auf My 21-year-old adult son hates me Why do we need blockchains? http://crimsonskysoftware.com/unexpected-internal/unexpected-internal-error-near-index.html more hot questions question feed lang-java about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation

The main use of backslashes is Windows directory paths, and Windows paths can use forward slashes just as well. Java String Replace Read the documentation for String.replaceAll: quote: Note that backslashes (\) and dollar signs ($) in the replacement string may cause the results to be different than if it were being treated So now we can focus only on strings, and forget about regex syntax: replaceAll(Pattern.quote(target), Matcher.quoteReplacement(replacement)) which in our case can look like replaceAll(Pattern.quote("\\"), Matcher.quoteReplacement("\\\\")) Or even simpler if we don't want

You need to replace "\\\\" with "\\\\", believe it or not!

This is why you should do something like this: str = str.replaceAll("\\\\", "\\\\\\\\"); share|improve this answer answered Jan 6 '13 at 14:52 Adam Sznajder 6,19912449 add a comment| up vote 3 Is there a developers image of 16.04 LTS? The weird part is that "\\" works on windows 10 and crashes on windows 7. –M.Paunov Sep 9 at 14:50 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign Jsonlint Thanks.

Can a business owner be liable if they provide their service for free? It wowld help if nishiz were to explain the reason behind this backslash doubling. Here are four expressions that do the job. have a peek here Best way to repair rotted fuel line?

Posted By JavaJimme (12 replies) 10-27-2016, 08:10 PM in New To Java Unable to build jdk1.8.0_45 from... One would have to write a loop to identify some character not contained in the String, and thos could be expensive. > Second, finding one backslash, by itself, requires a look-ahead Not the answer you're looking for? The regular expression then tries to escape the next character.

How to create a torus with divided cuts that correspond to the direction of the torus How much more than my mortgage should I charge for rent? Browse other questions tagged java escaping backslash replaceall or ask your own question. How could a language that uses a single word extremely often sustain itself? Why do we need blockchains? 2011 MacBook Pro upgrade?

String s = "asd\\sdf"; System.out.println(s + " becomes: "); s = s.replaceAll("\\\\", "\\\\\\\\"); System.out.println(s); Reply With Quote 12-02-2010,01:31 AM #10 mine0926 Senior Member Join Date Apr 2010 Location Philippines Posts 580 asked 6 years ago viewed 92591 times active 10 days ago Visit Chat Linked 5 Replace backslash with double backslash 0 replacing a text with a pattern in java 0 Issue Thanks. What I'm trying to do is to in the actual situation (it's for work, so I don't want to post the actual data) is replace a tag (that

Sounds like a noop. –Christoffer Hammarström Jan 6 '13 at 14:52 possible duplicate of Backslash problem with String.replaceAll –jlordo Jan 6 '13 at 15:15 add a comment| 5 Answers Here's some code that recreates the problem: public void replaceString(){ String path="c:\\heres\\a\\path"; System.out.println("here's the string: " + path); // try to make sub in string path.replaceAll("\\", "/"); System.out.println("here's the new string: About OKKY | 개인정보보호 | Github v0.9.1 @ 2015 eBrain Management Register Help Remember Me? Your solution works.

Why cast an A-lister for Groot? How to draw a clock-diagram? Both forward slashes have to be escaped so that the String class views them as literal '\'. So again, to have single \ in replacement we need text representing two backslashes: \\ but string literal representing \\ look like "\\\\" BUT since we want to put two \

Development of retrosynthesis plan Why are only passwords hashed? What are the German equivalents of “First World War”, “World War I”, and “WWI”? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Why do the Sparkfun and Adafruit Eagle libraries use smaller footprints than the manufacturer's recommended land pattern?