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Ups Pld Error Codes


For domestic shipments it is also recommended that Description of Goods information is sent with your PLD file. Contact your UPS Representative if this value is unknown. Commodity information should include information pertaining to goods with resale value as indicated within a commercial invoice. No. check over here

The actual Error Code differentiates the condition of the error. Each shipper number in the file must have the same pickup date and the corresponding book number. How do we insure that we have integrated our systems to allow for upload at time of driver pickup? U2 DataSource 2 5 Required Character The source of shipment data.

Ups Error Code 80110

What if my company wants to add new services and we are currently using a PLD version less than the Certification Tool supported version, do we have to re-certify with our RESTRICTIONS when included: One and only one 50 Freight Class and Weight Package segment(s) must be included for each package in a shipment when at least one *EA FRS segment exists. If ShipmentAssociationType = 01 then use the UPS small package tracking number and UPS small package shipment process time (YYYY-MM-DDHH.MM.SS.NNNNNN). Note: this sequence number is not the same as the PageNumber and must be managed separately from the PageNumber used for UPS small package PLD uploads.

DEPENDENCY: None Ref ID Field Len Start Byte Req/Type Description EA1 SegmentIdentifier 3 1 Required Uppercase Character *EA EPI1 VAQualifier 3 4 Required Character Valid value is: EPI (Flexible Parcel Thank you! Value of 1 is not allowed if a *EACDI exists and Shipper Country [A3]=CA and Country [C11]=US (on a *CA18) B13 UOMDim 2 125 Required Uppercase Character The unit of measure Ups Error Code 81290 Constant B2 ShipmentNumber 35 4 Required Uppercase Character Refer to the UPS Guide to Labeling for valid UPS Service Level Indicators. (Bytes 9 and 10 of the 1Z tracking number.) This

This charge type must be the same for all packages in the shipment. Ups Api Error Codes LEVEL: Package DEPENDENCY: The NumPackagesInShipment field (on the *BA Shipment Information segment) must contain a value greater than one. None of these VAQualifier values can be duplicated. Refer to the ISO Country, IATA Currency and Tax Codes.

When used only one VAQualifier value is allowed per Shipment or per Package. Ups Error Codes TOTAL BYTES 6 DECLARED VALUE and INSURANCE The values listed below, for Declared Value and Insurance choices, are mutually exclusive, and only one VAQualifier value is allowed HTTP2 What It Is n Protocol for transfer of various data formats between server and client –Plaintext –Hypertext –Images. For UPS Mail Innovations® shipments (*BA UPSServiceType field = M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 or M7), populate this field with 000.

  • Must match the first *PA - PackageTrackingNumber [P2] in the *PA Segment that does NOT have the *PA VoidInd [P8] set to 1.
  • For a UPS Mail Innovations shipment (*BA UPSServiceType = M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 or M7), LBS and OZS are both valid.
  • Can customers upload shipment and package reference numbers through the PLD upload file?
  • Default is two blanks if the Sub number is not available.
  • OS1, OS2, and OS3 will be supported for legacy systems only.
  • Correct errors and resubmit. 5611 This field is required. 5612 This field must be numeric. 5613 This field contains an invalid value. 5649 This field is required to be in Real

Ups Api Error Codes

See Segment Rules. (*KA) Commodity Information Segment 554 (*KB) Commodity Information Segment 576 (*KC) Commodity Information Segment 627 (*LA) International Invoice Detail Segment 291 (*MA) S.E.D. It has commercial value. Ups Error Code 80110 None of these VAQualifier values can be duplicated within either a shipment or package. Ups Pld Upload Must be right justified, filled with zeroes.Must not be all zeroes.

DELIVERY CONFIRMATION SIGNATURE REQUIRED (DCS) RESTRICTION: The VAQualifier value is allowed only once on each shipment, or only once on each package; cannot be used at both levels in the same http://crimsonskysoftware.com/error-code/urchin-error-codes.html TOTAL BYTES 28 IMPORT CONTROL SHIPPING (IMP) Import Control Shipping is a general service offering. For all other Shipper countries, the value must be between 000 and 999. DEPENDENCY: None Ref ID Field Len Start Byte Req/Type Description EA1 SegmentIdentifier 3 1 Required Uppercase Character *EA BPI1 VAQualifier 3 4 Required Character Valid value is: BPI (Flexible Parcel Ups Worldship Error Codes

Only one segment is allowed per shipment. This service is NOT valid with the following values in the UPS Service Type field of the *BA: 08 = International Expedited 11 = International Standard 21 = Economy 31 = In preparing an international PLD file, it is important to note specific units of measurement being used within a particular shipment. http://crimsonskysoftware.com/error-code/url-error-codes.html Must conform to ISO standards or RMB for mainland China.

What does it mean to ship ‘Documents Only’ and how should that appear on my PLD file? Ups Pld File RESTRICTION: One occurrence of this segment is allowed for every Shipment Information (*BA) segment. During this time we will work closely with you to address all issues with timely and accurate uploading of PLD information.

C8 City 30 181 Required Character The City [C8] name.

code for CA address 6218 PostalCode must be either 5 or 9 numeric bytes 6219 FaxNumber format is invalid. 6232 This field is required if Country is US. 6246 PhoneNumber format Example: You ship 25 UPS Express packages today going to ABC Company, Champs Elysees 5, 75008 Paris, France. The UPS Service Guide is available for your country at www.ups.com. Ups Pld Segments Can a shipment’s Third Party Billing contact lie outside of either the origin or the destination country?

Generated Mon, 31 Oct 2016 06:44:38 GMT by s_mf18 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection The following is not valid with this VAQualifier: Any Return Services (*EA ERL, *EA RSO, *EAPNM, *EA ART, *EA LSN segments.) Import Control Shipments Trade Direct Shipments WorldEase Shipments This VAQualifier Can I put multiple shipper numbers in the same file? http://crimsonskysoftware.com/error-code/unix-ssh-error-codes.html UPS is requesting an HTTP POST > using a socket program that will stream the body of a request in the > UPS required format.

HAZMAT, Return Services, and Import Control are not allowed with a *EA FRS shipment. A Valued Added segment (*EA) with a VAQualifier of ERL, RSO, PNM, ART, or LDM must exist for the shipment. PLD 0200 Error Codes Note: You will notice some duplicate error descriptions. DEPENDENCY: Not valid for origin shipments from the US, PR, CA, and VI.

The rule is intended to say that only one choice of the service is allowed at the available level/s. Upon adding new shipper account numbers, you will receive two book numbers per shipper. Can PLD be uploaded into production via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? But, within the shipment, each package is allowed to have only one choice as well.

Direct to Retail COD is only allowed when the *EA IND value DTR is present. Only one occurrence of this template is allowed per Shipment. VAQualifier values that are described as mutually exclusive are limited to only one of the group at the shipment or the package level. C13 FaxInd 1 242 Conditional Uppercase Character Required if an international fax number is present.

Default is 6 blanks when the NMFC number is not available. What is the pickup date? If there is no contract for the value entered, UPS will automatically default the Insurance to the first available contract value or to Declared Value protection if no contractual insurance is US-PR movements PR-US movements DEPENDENCY: None Ref ID Field Len Start Byte Req/Type Description EA1 SegmentIdentifier 3 1 Required Uppercase Character *EA ADS1 VAQualifier 3 4 Required Character Valid value

Publishing as Pearson Addison-Wesley Chapter 9 Using Perl for CGI Programming. This date should be the same as the date the PLD file is uploaded to UPS. Cancer Education Database (EDB) Version 2.0 Training Presentation Prepared By: Surveillance and Evaluation Unit Center for Center Surveillance and Control. This field must contain valid values.